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Lemon Chamomile Tea

Delectable and satisfying, this infusion of Lemon Chamomile brings to you a fresh and...

Ginseng Peppermint Tea

The special herbal infusions are 100% caffeine free and our Ginseng Peppermint is a tea...

Vanilla Ceylon

There’s nothing plain vanilla about our Vanilla Ceylon infusion. This is a rich brew, built on...

Earl Grey Tea

One of the most popular teas of the world, our Earl Grey recipe with teas from Sri Lanka,...

English Breakfast Tea

Our original English Breakfast tea yields a balanced cup with a medium body, sweet and...


Chai Tea Bag

Take in the exotic aroma and spice flavors in this tea from India. Enjoy this full-bodied tea

Ginseng Peppermint

This green tea which originated from Japan, has a toasty aroma with a light body.

Tropical Passion

The tropical tastes of Chinese Black tea, passion and guava fruit flavoring with tropical flowers. 

Chai Tea Loose Leaf (Out of Stock)

Spicy aroma, full bodied, exotic with clean flavors

African Sunrise

This full-bodied of African honeybush and verbal infusion of red tea plus mallow and orange peel has a sweet vanilla flavor with a vint of citrus.

Swedish Berries

A blend of Hibiscus, Rainsins and mixed Berries creates a juicy Berry flavor and sweet, fragrant aroma

Sencha Green

A grassy and slightly sweet green tea with a refreshing , mild astrigency and a crisp floral aroma. Box of 20 tea bags.

Moroccan Mint Tea

An exquisite age old recipe of Gunpowder Tea and Peppermint flavoring. Subtle bodied tea with fresh and minty aroma bright flavors.

Apricot Ceylon

A memorable and distinctive light-bodied tea with a floral, fruity amora, bursting with the distinctive fragrance of apricot season at its fullest.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl

Mild, smooth flavors, well-balance finish ans fresh aroma.



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