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Lemon Chamomile Tea ($15.00)

Delectable and satisfying, this infusion of Lemon Chamomile brings to you a fresh and...

Ginseng Peppermint Tea ($15.00)

The special herbal infusions are 100% caffeine free and our Ginseng Peppermint is a tea...

Vanilla Ceylon ($15.00)

There’s nothing plain vanilla about our Vanilla Ceylon infusion. This is a rich brew, built on...

English Breakfast Tea ($16.00)

Our original English Breakfast tea yields a balanced cup with a medium body, sweet and...


Chai Tea Bag ($15.00)

Take in the exotic aroma and spice flavors in this tea from India. Enjoy this full-bodied tea

Tropical Passion ($15.00)

The tropical tastes of Chinese Black tea, passion and guava fruit flavoring with tropical flowers. 

African Sunrise ($15.00)

This full-bodied of African honeybush and verbal infusion of red tea plus mallow and orange peel has a sweet vanilla flavor with a vint of citrus.

Moroccan Mint Tea ($15.00)

An exquisite age old recipe of Gunpowder Tea and Peppermint flavoring. Subtle bodied tea with fresh and minty aroma bright flavors.

Apricot Ceylon ($15.00)

A memorable and distinctive light-bodied tea with a floral, fruity amora, bursting with the distinctive fragrance of apricot season at its fullest.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl ($17.00)

Mild, smooth flavors, well-balance finish ans fresh aroma.

Genmaicha Green Tea Loose Leaf ($16.00)

A filling and thrist quenching Japanese specialty of Green Sencha Tea with Roasted rice.



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