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Panama Single Origin

Sweet aroma with a honey-nut flavor and crisp citrus finish.

Sulawesi Toraja

Deep floral aroma with hints of caramel and nutmeg and a bittersweet finish. 

French Vanilla Coffee (12oz)

Our French Vanilla coffee hints at the French style of making custard with vanilla, cream,...

Decaf House Blend Coffee (8oz)

A combination of our customers' favorites, it has brightness and softness for a flavor and...

Decaf Espresso Roast Coffee (8oz)

Our Espresso Roast Blend is expressive and subtle enough to be enjoyed as a straight...

100% Kona Coffee (8oz)

Our authentic Kona coffee is smooth-bodied  with a nutty aroma and sweet finish.

Viennese Coffee (8oz)

Mellow, smooth, and delicately nuanced with hints of chocolate, our Viennese Blend...

Sumatra Mandheling Dark Coffee (8oz)

Roasted to perfection, our distinctive Sumatra Mandheling Dark has a smooth body with a smoky aroma and sweet earthy flavor.

French Roast Coffee (16oz)

The smoky aroma with dark chocolate finish, our French Roast is nuttier and lower in acidity.

Espresso Roast Coffee (8oz)

Our Espresso Roast Blend is expressive and subtle enough to be enjoyed as a straight...

Bali Blue Moon Coffee (8oz)

A fragrant toffee aroma with flavors of walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate, with a crisp...

Papua New Guinea Sigri Coffee (8oz)

A coffee prized by connoisseurs, our Papua New Guinea Sigri is naturally sweet, with a...

Mocha Java Coffee (8oz)

A custom blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Java Estate coffees, prepare yourself for a...

Kenya AA Coffee (8oz)

Grown at the most optimal elevations on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, our exquisite Kenya...

Costa Rica La Cascada Tarrazu Coffee (8oz)

Exclusively available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, this unique coffee has a medium...

Colombia Narino Coffee (8oz)

Hand Picked by workers at privately owned farms who take great pride in their...

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee (8oz)

Grown on a farm near the town of Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and not far from the Kenya and...

Organic Guatemala (12oz)

A medium roasted smoky and robust coffee that is 100% certified organic by OCIA.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee (8oz)

Labeled “Specialty Grade”, Brazil Cerrado is dry processed for a cup of coffee that displays terrific body and a nutty,...

Colombia Antioquia (8oz)

Plum aroma with hints of mandarin & milk chocolate. A smooth walnut finish.



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